We operate as an out-of-network provider.  See below to understand why we have chosen to be out-of-network.

Why we are out-of-network

Healthcare is undergoing significant changes.  Unfortunately not all of these changes are beneficial, especially for the patient.  Health insurance companies are steadily reducing reimbursement rates to providers in all fields of medicine, particularly physical therapy, in order to maximize their profits.  With decreasing reimbursement in mind, the only way that an in-network physical therapy provider can stay afloat is by taking on more and more patients.  So that provider must switch from a patient centered focus to a patient volume focus.  This results in physical therapists working at in-network practices spending 15 to 20 minutes with a patient before passing that patient off to a physical therapy technician for the remainder of the treatment.  This allows the therapist virtually no time to reassess, treat, and progress the treatment plan.  Thus, lengthy and failed treatments are commonplace in these practice settings.

Not only are the insurance companies dictating the volume of patients that must be seen, they are also dictating what services and treatments can be provided.  Insurance companies are beginning to reduce or eliminate reimbursement for certain treatments that benefit patients.  As a result in-network physical therapy companies dictate to their practicing therapists what treatments they can and cannot perform, regardless of whether the patient will benefit from these treatments. 

At GOfit we refuse to allow insurance companies to dictate care to the clients we serve.  We are not burdened with reimbursement so that we can provide the care that you need.  We believe in treating our clients the right way. 


A Referral is not needed. Maryland is a direct access state meaning you do not need a referral or prescription from a physician. We can serve as an entry point to the health care system.  Depending on your condition we may refer you to another healthcare provider.

Payment options

Being an out-of-network provider with insurance plans allows us the freedom to provide better, more comprehensive one-on-one care.   We find that this approach tends to get people back to their activities faster than the traditional physical therapy model and will often cost you less than an in-network insurance determined treatment regimen.

As an out-of-network provider we act as a fee for service business where payment is made at the time of service.   We accept cash, check, credit card, and health savings accounts (HSAs).  As a courtesy to you we can provide you with a form that you may submit on your own to your insurance provider. Reimbursement depends on your out-of-network benefits.

Regardless of what physical therapy provider you choose it is imperative that you understand your in-network and out-of-network benefits as well as any authorization requirements.