Performance Enhancement

Physical therapy at the core is designed to enhance movement. There is no better professional in the world at observing movement than a well trained physical therapist.  


A common misconception is that you need to be in pain to benefit from physical therapy.  Athletes of all types can benefit from physical therapy by improving muscular flexibility, joint motion, and motor control.  By improving movement patterns, you will enhance the way you play your sport.

Maybe you have a chronically tight hip limiting your squat depth? Hamstrings too tight to deadlift appropriately? Having to compensate for shoulder limitations to perform an overhead press or snatch? Maybe you have noticed that one side feels like it is always working harder and feeling tighter than the other.  There is also a chance that you have spent considerable time trying to improve these problems with little success.  We can help identify the cause of these problems and work together to improve your movement patterns. 

Here are a few of the ways that GOfit can improve the way you move:


Movement analysis

We can analyze the way you move, whether that be run, jump, squat, press, lift, etc. We are trained to assess motion symmetry and movement patterns.  With the help of some simple videos of technique we can break down poor movement patterns and make them more functional.



Biomechanical assessment

After a movement analysis to identify dysfunctional patterns, we can next look to see if there are biomechanical issues that may be limiting joint motion and causing compensations down the kinetic chain.  We can use manual therapy techniques to improve this joint motion and get you moving better again.


Myofascial assessment

Myofascial restrictions or myofascial trigger points may be limiting your mobility and strength. We can assess for this and reduce myofascial trigger points through manual therapy and dry needling. 


Neuromuscular control

Biomechanics and myofascial tightness may not be the cause of movement asymmetry, it could be poor neuromuscular control. We can test key muscles and functional movement patterns to determine if this is the cause of your movement problems. If it is, we have a number of ways to improve this through specific exercise and neuromuscular re-education. 

Once you move better, you will play better!

Let us know how we can help!